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The 3-step approach to creating a high-performance virtual team

Step 1: Setting up and managing my virtual team
Whether communicating with a colleague in the office next door or across the world, virtual and remote working (VRW) is the norm in the 21st century. In this course, you will gain the skills of setting up and leading teams that deliver results across multisite and multinational environments.


  • Building and leading virtual and remote teams
  • Recognizing, understanding and leveraging cultural diversity
  • My culturally conditioned leadership
  • Global competence
  • Creating a team vision - the road to success
  • Success factor for virtual teams: virtual closeness
  • VPI: Virtual Performance Improvement

Step 2 (after 3 months): Virtual Performance Assessment (VPA)
The Virtual Performance Assessment (VPA) is a questionnaire and feedback tool that has been developed to help managers and professionals understand where and how they can improve the performance of international virtual teams / groups. It helps to raise their awareness of potential areas of improvement within the team / group.

Step 3 (2 weeks after step 2): Improving my virtual Team (VPI)
After 3 months of experience as a virtual team manager we will meet again to work on the question of how to improve the performance of the virtual team. The results of the VPA will be discussed and we will find solutions how the manager can proactively support the team/group.

The two days will focus on the five categories of VPI (Virtual Performance Improvement)


  • The five categories of VPI
  • Communication: virtual and global
  • Global competence
  • Handling conflicts internationally
  • Fostering key relationships
  • Designing an action plan to optimize your team's performance (VPI)